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Are you considering using self-tests to monitor your health? Need to make informed health decisions with test results? Find information about our tests and more here.

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The Benefits of Self Testing

Self-tests are not new. The world is just more aware of them after the regular use of COVID-19 antigen tests. Diabetics and women wanting to know if they are pregnant, for example, have used self-tests for decades. The convenience and ease of use let people test quickly and know if they have an infection or condition without delay.

  • Get fast results at home, discreetly, in minutes
  • Provide health information before seeking health advice
  • Help make health decisions or lifestyle changes

Health Tips

Health and wellbeing is linked with who we are biologically, our diet, lifestyle and how active we are. The World Health Organization released 20 health tips to help people live a healthier lifestyle. Here are our top 5 from their list.

  1. Eat a healthy diet
  2. Reduce intake of harmful fats
  3. Be Active
  4. Don’t smoke
  5. Get tested


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Why Abingdon Simply Test

Why Test?

Take control and get test results quickly. Giving you the opportunity to seek medical advice or make lifestyle changes if required. Either way – be in the know.

Why Test?

At Your Convenience

No need to send samples to a lab. Tests are delivered promptly to your home to allow you to test at a time that works for you.

Quality Checked

Quality At The Heart

Regulatory approved self-tests with the added benefit of being evaluated by our lateral flow experts to give you peace of mind.

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