Menopause Self-Test


Abingdon Simply Test – Menopause is a fast and convenient self-test for detecting elevated levels of the hormone FSH.

  • Rule-in or rule-out possible signs and symptoms of the menopause
  • Take charge of your health and monitor FSH hormone levels
  • Test yourself discreetly at home
  • Simple urine sample

Pack Size: 2 Tests
Product Code: FG-FD51702

Why Test?

Rule-in or rule-out signs of the menopause following months of missed periods or experiencing common symptoms.

What is detected?

The test detects follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) in urine, a common perimenopause marker.

Simple To Use

Each pack contains instructions on when and how to test, all in the convenience of your own home.


The test is CE marked, registered with the UK’s MHRA and has passed our 10-point check.

Abingdon Simply Test – Menopause

Abingdon Simply Test – menopause is an easy to use self-test for the detection of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) in urine, a hormone marker common with perimenopause (the period leading up to menopause) when in elevated levels.

Confirming the presence of FSH following missed periods and alongside the common signs of menopause allows women to seek medical advice and potential treatments, such as Hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Testing for FSH can help women know whether they are in the perimenopause stage and therefore take personal steps and get professional help to avoid menopause health risks.  Some menopause symptoms can be the same as other conditions and it’s important to confirm why you are experiencing symptoms. See the list of commons symptoms below.

Hormones can change over time it is recommended to perform two tests weeks apart and over several months.

Consult a doctor if you get a positive result, have menopause symptoms or have any concerns or questions about the menopause or perimenopause.

This menopause test is manufactured under internationally recognised quality management systems and conforms with acceptable performance standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

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