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Drink Spike Test (10 Tests)


Check Your Drink (CYD) is an easy-to-use rapid drink spiking test that detects Ketamine and/or GHB from a few drops of drink. Protect yourself or your loved ones by having these tests to hand.

  • Featured in The Times, Cosmopolitan, Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Mumsnet, Telegraph, The Sun, and Metro
  • Used by universities, bars and police forces.
  • Easy-to-use and compact
  • Test while still in a bar, club or house party

Pack Size: 10 Tests
Product Code: FG-CYD001

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Why Test?

Why Test?

Check to see if your drink has been spiked with either ketamine or GHB. Don’t leave anything to chance.

What Is Detected

What is detected?

The test detects the ‘date rape drugs’ Ketamine and GHB within a range of alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks.

How to Use

Simple To Use

Each pack contains instructions on when and how to test, all in the convenience of your own home.

Quality Checked


The test has been validated by University College London and Strathclyde University.

Check Your Drink (CYD) – Drink Spike Test

The CYD (Check Your Drink) drink spike test detects two of the most common date rape drugs; Ketamine and GHB (Gamma Hydroxybutyrate). CYD can be used with a range of different drinks wherever you are. Performing the test couldn’t be easier, with only a test strip and two drops of drink required.

Taking only seconds to produce a result, the test can be performed within any social setting, including bars, house-parties, festivals, and concerts.

Unfortunately thousands of people worldwide have their drinks spiked each year. In a YouGov poll, one in three women and one in five men knew someone who had been spiked or had themselves been spiked.

In the event of a positive result or if you or a friend start to feel strange or more drunk than expected, don’t delay in getting help. Also alert someone you trust, a friend or staff/host and get to a safe place. If necessary, or if you are in danger, contact the police. If symptoms worsen call an ambulance immediately, or ask someone to do this on your behalf.

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