Sperm Count Self-Test


Abingdon Simply Test – Sperm Count self-test is a fast and convenient way for couples to privately estimate sperm concentration in human semen.

  • Inform male fertility status discreetly at home
  • Indicate low or normal sperm concentration
  • Save time or money on visits to a fertility clinic

Pack Size: 1 Test
Product Code: FG-FD51700

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Why Test?

Take control and inform male fertility status quickly and discreetly at home.

What is detected?

The test detects the Acrosomal Protein SP-10 in line with international guidelines.

Simple To Use

Each pack contains instructions on when and how to test, all in the convenience of your own home.


The test is CE marked and registered with the UK’s MHRA and passed our 10-point check.

Abingdon Simply Test – Sperm Count

Our male fertility sperm count self-test is a quick and easy-to-use test for determining sperm concentration in a human semen. The test can be performed in a few simple steps and produces results at home.

The test detects the Acrosomal Protein SP-10 at 15 million (or above) sperm per millilitre of semen, which is in line with international guidelines for determining low or normal sperm count and is recognised the World Health Organization (WHO).

Determining low sperm concentration accurately and quickly allows couples to act. Either by taking steps to try natural ways to increase sperm count, seek fertility advice/treatments or explore female fertility testing.

All components are provided to use the test. Clear instructions guide you through the testing process. Always read instructions before using the test.

Tests are discreetly packaged during shipping to protect your privacy.

This rapid men’s fertility home test is manufactured under internationally recognised quality management systems ISO13485.

Frequently Asked Questions

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