Winter Wellness Bundle – Iron, Vitamin D & COVID-19/Flu A+B Combi Tests


Abingdon Simply Test Winter Wellness Bundle. Feeling underprepared for the colder months, or perhaps feeling under the weather? Use our self-tests to help identify some potential deficiencies, and keep yourself informed of your COVID-19 status.

  • Conveniently monitor your health
  • Easy testing process
  • Results in minutes
  • Discreetly test at home

Iron Test Pack Size: 1 Test
Vitamin D Test Pack Size: 1 Test
COVID-19 Test Pack Size: 1 Test
Product Code: Winter-Well-1

Why Test?

Why Test?

During winter your body is susceptible to physiological changes and illness. Don’t leave anything to chance, have a mini MOT.

What Is Detected

What is detected?

Iron test: detects ferritin, a blood protein that stores iron. Vitamin D test: detects 25(OH)D, the main storage form of vitamin D. COVID-19/Flu A+B Combo test: detects proteins on the SARS-COV- 2 and Influenza A+B antigens.

How to Use

Simple To Use

Each pack contains instructions on when and how to test, all in the convenience of your own home.

Quality Checked


The tests are CE marked and registered with the UK’s MHRA and passed our 10-point check.

Winter Wellness Bundle – Iron, Vitamin D and Covid-19 Self-Tests

Abingdon Simply Test – Iron is used for the convenient and straightforward self-testing of ferritin at home. Testing for ferritin is widely used in the medical profession to understand iron stores in blood. This iron test produces results in minutes from a small fingerpick of blood. The user steps are extremely easy, making the test ideal for regular testing at home.

Abingdon Simply Test – Vitamin D detects 25(OH)D (25-hydroxyvitamin D) from a small sample of blood. Taking only minutes to produce results at home, the test can be performed in a few simple steps. 25(OH)D is considered the most accurate way to measure vitamin D is the body, because it is this the major form of vitamin D circulating in the bloodstream.

Use the COVID-19/Flu A+B Combo test  home self testing of SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A+B antigens. Routinely screen for infection in real-time to determine infection-status. Taking only minutes to produce results, the test can be performed at home in a few simple steps. All user components are provided and taking a sample is done with a simple nasal swab. The COVID-19/Flu A+B Combo Test is a fast and convenient lateral flow test that detects and differentiates between the viruses responsible for COVID-19 and Flu.

All components are provided to use the tests. Clear instructions guide you through the testing process.

Consult a doctor if you obtain a positive result, if you have any symptoms that persist or you have concerns about your health in general.

These self tests are manufactured under internationally recognised quality management system, ISO 13485.

Frequently Asked Questions